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Not Released

(July, 2018 -2019)

Tourmaline was the pilot for an episodic short film that was carried by visual and audio storytelling.


The Film, though not completed was set in the distant future. 

Filming involved rotoscoping, stop motion, and digital animation. Some sets were built for the 20


Written: Mundane

Performed: Mundane

Mixed: Matt Fioravanti

Mastered: Matt Fioravanti

Produced: Mundane, Van Leucia, Gilly Prinny


Shot: Teddy J Estrada

Edited: Teddy J Estrada
Animated: Bethany Levy


Directed: Mundane

Background DWG print tiff.tif

Scene 20:

7 Myriads like diamonds

Travelled horizons

From facets arises

Reflections of passion

That mirrored romances

Through colors it dances

And catches and prances

His and Hers

Anima and Animus

An echo that answers

The heart has questions

So these carats weigh lessons

Heavy this fashion

Tourmaline’s compassion

Heavy this fashion

Tourmaline’s impassion

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