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(June, 2023)

"Tatsuya & Moog" is an art piece that seamlessly weaves together the principles of Fluxus and creative composition. It invites viewers to embrace Fluxus-inspired spontaneity, engage in the creative process, and join the film on a transformative journey that celebrates the inherent beauty of movement, art, and sustainability.

Drawing inspiration from the avant-garde Fluxus movement, this piece embraces the spirit of experimentation, spontaneity, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Through dynamic choreography, production design, and auditory illuminance, “Tatsuya & Moog” creates a fluid and ever-changing tapestry of movement that challenges audiences to reflect on their relationship with the world and their self’s.

Central to the piece is the bioplastic backdrop that took 7 months for research and development. When combined with the costume, it adds depth and texture to the tone and organic nature of the performance.

Directed by: celosiafields

Produced by: celosiafields

Shot by: Will Jordan

Music Composition: celosiafields

Full Cast and Crew to be announced on IMDB soon.


Environment Art and Design Prize

Northern Beaches 2023

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival

Honorable Selection

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