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Project ECHO is a project by Databytes, which is an organization within Deakin University's capstone program.

It aims to develop an AI/ML solution for understanding the density and classification of noise-producing animals in rainforests.

Project ECHO's goal is to provide conservationists with an efficient and non-destructive tool for tracking threatened animal populations over time.

Algorithmically, Project ECHO adopts a complex audio pipeline that can take in any audio file of any type, file size, and format and convert it to a tensor Mel-Spectrogram file ready for training.


Currently, an efficient net_v2 pre-trained model has been trained on 7.1 million parameters while attaining an impressive accuracy of 90%.

​Echo Engine AI Developer - Balram Veeragoo Naidu

User Experience Lead - Balram Veeragoo Naidu

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