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(2019 - 2021)

MYND Initiative is a not-for-profit organization seeking to identify areas of improvement relating to the mental health of each member of the community at the grassroots level, by stimulating and continuing conversations on mental health as well as encouraging the practice of proper mental health hygiene. 

As creative director of MYND Initiative, Balram's main responsibilities included supervision, leadership and development of the creative output for all things MYND.


This included forming brand guidelines, proposing new creative projects to best represent MYND and disseminating and allocating tasks to project team members to ensure these projects are completed on time and within budget.

Some of the projects developed by Balram's creative team include a Webinar series, a physical event series, Event 1, an online event series, and a social media presence.

Chief Marketing Officer - Balram Veeragoo Naidu

Creative Direction - Balram Veeragoo Naidu

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