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(2017 - 2019)

Mundane is the retired artist moniker for Balram Veeragoo.


Changes in creative workflows had prompted the early resignation for Mundane.


Mundane was an Auditory and Visual independent artist.


Musically, Mundane relied on piano, digital synthesis, analog synthesis, and songwriting abilities for composition.


As a visual artist, Mundane aimed to create a reimagined world inspired by the physical world in his visuals. As creative director, Mundane was able to consistently achieve this through strong visual storytelling.

Projects Completed: A Decorated Confession (2019)

                                    Bulgogi (2019)

                                    AnteXMatter (2018)

                                    exhibitA (2018)


Unfinished Projects: Tourmaline (2019)

Artist:  Mundane

Producer: Mundane

Manager: Mundane

Creative Direction: Mundane

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