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(Dec, 2017)


In this creative exploration, Mundane wrote a series of compositions to the art frames that had personally inspired his creative process while frequenting the National Gallery of NSW.


Paitings that had then inspired him were superimposed onto these frames and were, represented in a digital gallery-inspired, designed, and curated by Mundane.

Written: Mundane

Produced: Multiple

Mixed: Van Leucia

Mastered: Van Leucia

Art Direction: Mundane

Photography: Mundane

Design: Mundane


Gertrude Abercrombie

The Stroll

Grisha Bruskin

Alefbet part 4

Odilon Redon

Angel Execution

Qiu Zhijie 


René Magritte

Portrait of Stephy Langui

Tatiana Trouve

9. State of Mine.jpg
3. Ushi No Toki Mari.jpg
7. Emerald Eyes.jpg
2. Insomniac.jpg
1. Invocation intro final.jpg
4. cleanse in Acheron.jpg

Track 08 - Emerald Eyes

[Verse: 2]

Imma preserve it like that
Like death in the snow
In deserts, I reign im hot yet really cold
When cold fills the soul like intangible growth
Tracklist like properties of Seoul

A deepened sense of own
Stems paths to be told
Opening passages bridge plateaus
Like parietal arts that are set in the stone
Conversations that last way after we go

Bounded by the limits of this allegro
A liberation of IDs and super Egos
Characterized in this harmony of notes
History meets makers in parietal bones

Cut ma clothes according to my coat
Winter in the summer or summer in the snow
Converging like hold thats a portmanteau
Drift into rifts between sagittal zones

Paint pictures polymorphous tones
Like ROYGBIV and monochromes
Like serotonin and cortisol
Like blue periods and periods of rose

Mirages don't quench the thirst for the know
Vision blocked by ocular windows
Real archeologist carry ammo
And sable hats wherever they go

Fast and slow peep the tempo
Bars that go Ego-Cogito
Hooks that sing Hip Hop Proviso
Rhyme like dimes like masked fellows

Red and blue mix green like Neo
Fight beautiful monsters like Ne Yo
Take a knee like Colin like Kneel
Italian Jobs with Renault Clios


Mundane Signature.jpg
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