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Released on Mundane's official Facebook Page,

(March, 2018)


n. the dream versions of things in your life, which appear totally foreign but are still somehow yours-your anteschool, your antefriends, your antehome- all part of a parallel world whose gravitational pull raises your life’s emotional stakes, increasing the chances you’ll end up betting everything you have.

Written: Mundane

Performed: Mundane

Mixed: Van Leucia

Mastered: Van Leucia

Produced: Mundane, Van Leucia

Shot: Lyntox and Bao Siriguleng

Edited: Lyntox

Projection Video edited: Mundane

Directed: Mundane


Marlene Dumas

The Teacher (Sub A), 1987

Oil on canvas

63 × 78 7/10 in

160 × 200 cm

Marlene Dumas the Teacher.webp

Visually, AnteXMatter, draws direct inspiration from Marlene Dumas', The Teacher(Sub A).

Musically, AnteXmatter comprised of 2 compositions that simultaneously transitioned into each other. Both tracks were designed to be played from front to back and back to front. Additionally, track 02, Matter was a reversed engineered transition of track 01, Ante.

The video was shot in a studio with light projections and video projections cast on the subject, Mundane.

Mundane Signature.jpg
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